Our Story

Hazel, Madison & Blaze Diehl

Jack and Hazel Diehl had a dream of opening their own restaurant, That dream became a reality on September 1st, 1960 with 8 employees. After over 20 years of working for my parents, my wife and I became the 3rd generation along with our 2 children (Madison & Blaze 4th Generation). Working side by side with us, we now have over 30 employees. We believe that this is truly the last of the Ole' Style Restaurants, where a lot of the food is prepared each day from scratch!

                                                                                                                          Enjoy Your Dinner!

                                                                                                                       Aaron & Heather Diehl

Since 1960... Peeled over 4,754,500 pounds of potatoes

Cooked over 376,800 pounds of pinto beans

Made over 10,900,000 rolls

Peeled over 735,000 pounds of apples

Cooked over 2,150,000 pounds of beef

Made over 850,000 pounds of slaw

cut over 1,375,000 pounds of lettuce

Made over 2 million gallons of tea

Made over 575,000 gallons of 1000 Island dressing

Made over 850,000 gallons of ranch dressing